BJJ black belt Josh Griffiths demonstrates how to set up an armbar from the mounted position, integrating a choke to divert the opponent's defense. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Initiate with Control: Start by securing your hand deep in the opponent’s collar. This grip is fundamental for controlling posture and setting up subsequent movements.
  2. Position Adjustment: Post your free hand on the mat to stabilize your balance and slide your knee closer to the opponent's head, positioning yourself advantageously for an attack.
  3. Diversion with Choke: As you threaten with a choke, the opponent is compelled to defend against it. This is when you make your move on the far arm, pulling your elbow back to your hip to isolate and control the arm more effectively.
  4. Transition and Setup for Armbar: Shift your weight onto your left knee to free up your other limbs for movement. Swing your foot towards the opponent’s head, preparing to switch sides.
  5. Secure the Grip: Release your grip from the collar and instead secure the opponent’s pants near the knee. This grip helps in maneuvering your body for the final setup of the armbar.
  6. Final Execution: Bring your ear across to the far knee, which shifts your weight and makes it easier to swing your leg over the opponent's head. Now positioned correctly, you can finish the armbar effectively.

Throughout this sequence, the focus is on maintaining control and leveraging the opponent's reactions to the choke threat to set up the armbar.