BJJ black belt Josh Griffiths breaks down an armbar switch, starting from a traditional armbar on the opponent’s right arm and finishing on the opposite arm.

Initially, you grip and settle into your armbar position, targeting the right arm. If the opponent manages to pull this arm out, quickly adapt by securing the tricep just above the elbow with your left hand. Simultaneously, dig your right heel down to lift your hips off the mat, which facilitates more agile hip movement.

Next, drop your left knee behind the opponent’s head and execute a pendulum motion with your right leg, swinging it all the way around. This swing helps extend the opposite arm almost instantly. Keep a firm hold on the tricep throughout the transition to ensure control.

As the opponent tries to pull out the right arm, shift your grip from the shoulder down to the tricep. This change, combined with the digging of your right foot, allows you to elevate your position effectively. Slide your left foot behind the head, open the knee, and pendulum your right leg across to the other side of the head.