In this scenario, Josh Griffiths details how to finish an armbar from the guard when the opponent attempts to stack and pull out of the submission.

When your opponent begins to post and stack against you, making it challenging to finish, the first step is to switch your arm control. Let go of the opponent's shoulder with your left hand and instead grab your own collar to stabilize your grip.

Next, use your right hand to underhook the opponent's leg. This action is crucial as it sets you up for the next movement. Press your right heel down into the mat, which might involve slightly opening your left leg for better leverage and mobility.

With these grips secured, pull your thumb towards your head while simultaneously moving your head towards your thumb, facilitating a roll. Execute this movement to take the opponent over, which transitions you to a top position. From here, you're in a prime spot to finish with an armbar or another technique from your arsenal, depending on how the opponent reacts and what controls they manage to maintain, such as bicep-to-bicep grips.