BJJ black belt Josh Griffiths explains a technique to counter when an opponent grabs their own triceps with both hands, a common defensive posture in BJJ that typically makes arm attacks challenging. Instead of continuing to fight against the secured arm, the strategy shifts to attacking the opponent's wrist, which is often more accessible.

Start by aligning the opponent's tricep with your sternum, securing a strong base. Grab high on the collar and pull your elbow in to tighten the control over the opponent's upper body. Once this control is established, let go of any grip on the pants and place your palm directly over the opponent’s knuckles, targeting the wrist rather than the more defended arm.

With your palm on their knuckles, initiate a slight twist of the wrist. Since the opponent is holding their tricep, traditional pulling techniques won’t work, so instead, lock the position by pressing forward with your body weight. Drive your sternum into the opponent's elbow, pushing it forward while pulling your elbow in towards your body.