Kristian Woodmansee breaks down one of the most effective submissions from side control - the underhook armbar.

  • Traditional Side Control Setup: Learn how to establish a traditional side control by controlling your opponent's inside elbow, limiting their ability to hip escape. This control sets the stage for various submission options.
  • Modified Underhook: Discover a modified underhook approach that keeps your elbow off the mat and placed firmly on your opponent's body. This positioning enhances your control and allows for effective transitions.
  • Relocating the Arm: Understand the importance of relocating your opponent's arm, particularly when their forearm is positioned across their body. Learn the step-by-step process to clear the arm and create space for your attack.
  • Weight Distribution: Master the art of weight distribution, ensuring that your knee remains above your opponent's shoulder to prevent effective hip escaping.
  • Effective Stapling: Explore the concept of stapling your opponent's arm to the mat, making it challenging for them to regain control or escape.
  • Transition to Armbar: Learn how to transition smoothly from side control to the armbar. This involves connecting your hands, shifting your weight, and using leverage to elevate your opponent onto their side.
  • Control and Finishing Mechanics: Dive into the crucial control and finishing mechanics of the underhook armbar. Understand how to prevent hitchhiking and execute a successful armbar finish.

Remember, mastering the underhook armbar from side control requires precision and control. The details covered in this video can make the difference between success and missed opportunities.

May 01, 2024