Kristian Woodmansee breaks down this highly effective Swing Single to Double Leg Takedown technique!

Key Points to Remember:

  • Grip Control: Learn the importance of controlling your opponent's sleeves and collar grips, making it difficult for them to defend or counter your takedown attempts.
  • Footwork: Understand the footwork involved in setting up the Swing Single, including stepping outside, circling, and creating movement to expose your opponent's front leg.
  • Lowering Your Level: Discover the proper technique for lowering your level to avoid common mistakes such as simply bending over. This sets the stage for a powerful takedown.
  • Transition to Double Leg: Master the transition from a single leg to a double leg takedown, ensuring you stay in control and avoid ending up in your opponent's guard.
  • Smooth Movement: Emphasize the importance of continuous movement and good posture throughout the technique, making it harder for your opponent to defend.
May 01, 2024