A few tips to think through while you are drilling your takedowns. While getting the takedown may seem like the more important goal when the match starts, it can come with it's own consequences if you land in the wrong spot!

Here are a few takeaways to keep in mind:

  • Takedown Rush: Learn why rushing to execute any takedown, regardless of its quality, can lead to unfavorable positions such as landing in your opponent's closed guard. Discover the importance of taking your time and ensuring you maintain control throughout the process.
  • Head Position: Understand the critical role of head position in successful takedowns. Avoid common pitfalls where your head might end up in a vulnerable position, making you susceptible to submissions or guard setups.
  • Foot Placement: Explore the significance of foot placement, particularly how your front foot should be positioned ahead of your opponent's toes. This placement enables better posture and stability during takedown attempts.
  • Single Leg Strategy: Delve into the advantages of employing single-leg takedowns as a strategy to negate your opponent's ability to establish guard. Discover how controlling the position after a single-leg takedown can make it easier to pass your opponent's guard.
  • Consistency and Understanding: Emphasize the importance of consistency in your stand-up game, regardless of the takedown technique you use. To excel in Jiu-Jitsu, you must comprehend the fundamentals of takedowns and guard control.
September 25, 2023