Kristan Woodmansee shows us this highly effective triangle setup from side control. In this video, you'll discover a unique approach to secure a triangle choke submission when transitioning into traditional side control.

  • Passing into Traditional Side Control: Gain insights into transitioning into a traditional side control position, clearing your opponent's elbow and driving to establish control. Learn how to prevent your opponent from hip escaping, setting the stage for your triangle setup.
  • Cross Face Control: Understand the importance of maintaining cross face control as you secure side control. Keep your posture strong with a 90-degree angle, ensuring your elbow stays inside.
  • Leveraging Your Opponent's Position: Explore how to use your opponent's positioning against them. By applying pressure and pulling their arm, make them follow your lead and fall onto their back.
  • Triangle Choke Setup: As your opponent falls onto their back, seize the opportunity to set up the triangle choke. Bring your leg over the top, locking your opponent's head and arm in position.
  • Quality of Position Matters: Recognize that the quality of the triangle setup is determined by the preceding position. Understand the difference between traditional side control and other positions, such as when your opponent is flat on their back, and adjust your technique accordingly.
  • September 29, 2023