Kristian Woodmansee breaks down this highly effective Elbow Flare Double Leg Takedown technique!

  • Mirrored Grips: Learn how to deal with mirrored grips, a common scenario among higher-level Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. Discover why shooting when your opponent has a strong grip can be challenging and how to address it effectively.
  • Distance Control: Understand the importance of pulling your opponent forward while simultaneously rolling out their elbow to create space. This key step is essential for setting up the takedown.
  • Lowering Your Level: Explore the proper technique for lowering your level and going underneath your opponent's arm, ensuring a smooth transition to the takedown.
  • Maintaining Posture: Emphasize the significance of maintaining a strong posture throughout the technique, preventing your opponent from sprawling and countering effectively.
  • Finishing the Double Leg: Master the finish by driving your opponent's legs to the opposite side of your head direction while keeping your posture and energy going up and forward.
May 01, 2024