Kristian Woodmansee convers one of the most effective submissions from the top mount position - the armbar. Watch as he breaks down the key details and strategies to ensure a tight control and a seamless finish.
  • Control One Arm at a Time: Learn the art of controlling your opponent's arms individually. Discover how to recognize the opportunity to attack when your opponent defends by keeping their arm crossbody.
  • Clearing the Elbow: Understand the crucial step of clearing your opponent's elbow across their body line. This action creates the space you need to set up the armbar effectively.
  • Heel-to-Butt Connection: Maintain a close connection with your heel to your opponent's butt as you transition from control to submission. This ensures that you stay tight and minimize escape options.
  • Switching Hands: Master the technique of switching your hands during the setup, ensuring a secure grip that leads to a successful armbar attempt.
  • Positioning and Finishing Mechanics: Explore the finer details of positioning your body for the armbar finish. Discover the importance of leaning towards your opponent's legs, pinching your knees, and the direction to apply pressure for a locked-in armbar.
  • Preventing Hitchhiking: Learn how to prevent your opponent from hitchhiking out of the armbar and maintaining control throughout the submission.

Remember, the armbar from top mount can be a potent weapon in your arsenal, but it requires precise control and technique. Understanding the details covered in this video can make the difference between success and a missed opportunity.

September 28, 2023