One of Kristian Woodmansee's favorite and highest percentage submissions in both Gi and NOGI Jiu Jitsu - the Kimura from side control. In this video, Kristian breaks down the key details and strategies to make this technique a devastating weapon in your arsenal.

  • Identifying Side Control Variation: Learn how to recognize the type of side control you have, whether it's traditional or a hip check variation. Understanding this distinction is crucial for setting up the Kimura effectively.
  • Head Position and Control: Discover the importance of placing your head on the opposite side of your body and how it relates to maintaining control and minimizing your opponent's escape options.
  • Elbow Position and Cutting: Focus on the correct elbow position, ensuring it's off the mat and actively cutting across your opponent's body. This detail is critical for a strong setup.
  • Transitional Movement: Explore the transitional movements that lead to the Kimura setup, including knee placement, hip control, and driving your opponent onto their side.
  • Finishing Mechanics: Master the Kimura finishing mechanics, ensuring a strong and secure grip while using your body efficiently for the final submission.

Kristian Woodmansee, known for his technical expertise, shares his insights on making the Kimura one of his highest percentage submissions. Whether you're a smaller practitioner looking for effective techniques or simply aiming to improve your submission game, this breakdown provides valuable details for success.

September 28, 2023