Rafael Lovato Jr. unveils the highly effective Bullfight Pass, a super effective standing open guard pass. Learn two variations to stabilize this pass and neutralize your opponent's guard effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bullfight Pass is commonly known as one of the best standing open guard passes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • Proper hand placement is crucial; grip your opponent's pant legs just below the knee, around the 75% mark.
  • Apply pressure on the inside of your opponent's knees to neutralize their ability to use their feet offensively.
  • Emulate the motion of a Matador avoiding a bull by moving around your opponent's legs.
  • Two variations are covered for stabilizing the pass:
    1. Transition to Knee on Belly: After circling and pushing your opponent's knee down, step forward with your left leg, then use the left arm to guide their knee towards their chest. Finish by stepping your right leg next to their hip, establishing the Knee on Belly position.
    2. Shoulder Drop Variation: Lean forward, circle your feet, and drop your shoulder quickly into your opponent's belly. Continue pushing their knee out, then drop your shoulder to close the distance. Follow up by sliding your knee under their butt, controlling their hip, and securing head control.
November 02, 2023