Rafael Lovato Jr. introduces an advanced combination passing technique that builds upon the Single Underhook Pass.

Key Takeaways:

  • Begin with the familiar process of opening your opponent's guard.
  • Assume the position where you've established a collar grip and grip on the pants, ready to initiate your pass.
  • When your opponent opens their legs, turns their hip, and resists your forward drive, you have options.
  • Maintain your collar grip on their BJJ gi or transition to the belt grip, depending on your control.
  • Crucial step: Drive your shoulder into your opponent's belly and turn your head in the opposite direction.
  • Maintain posture on your toes, shoulder driving into their thigh, and your head turned away from the leg you're gripping.
  • Start a circular movement around your opponent's legs.
  • Bring your right knee under their butt to lock their head in place.
  • Pull your elbow toward your knee to maintain a tight grip around their hips, making it difficult for them to shrimp.
  • Gradually move your arm up to control their head.
  • Remove your arm from between their legs to complete the pass.
  • Keep your head down throughout to avoid vulnerability to an inverted triangle.

This combination passing technique provides you with a versatile approach to transitioning from the Single Underhook Pass, enabling you to switch sides and maintain control. Rafael Lovato Jr. demonstrates a crucial concept in BJJ - fluidly changing directions during your pass. 

November 02, 2023