These details on the highly effective Cross Knee Pass from the Headquarters Position will have you passing the guard flawlessly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rafael introduces the "headquarters position," a versatile posture for passing the open guard.
  • Proper hand placement is crucial: grip the opponent's collar and pant leg as you create a wall with your elbow and knee, ensuring their leg is between your legs.
  • Rafael emphasizes the importance of maintaining a diagonal knee angle and positioning your foot in line with your opponent's belt and ribs.
  • Execute the Cross Knee Pass by controlling the opponent's leg, pushing their knee down, and stepping over to the side.
  • Rafael demonstrates two crucial variations for maintaining control: the Knee on Belly transition and the shoulder drop variation.
  • Focus on keeping your opponent's shoulders flat as you pass, using pressure control and the collar grip to keep them at bay.
  • Rafael provides insights into common mistakes to avoid, such as being too tall or over-sliding during the pass.
  • This pass offers versatility and effectiveness, making it a fundamental technique in your BJJ arsenal.
November 02, 2023