Rafael Lovato Jr. demonstrates the crucial details on how to properly stand up to pass the guard effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing your guard passing game is essential, and having confidence in standing guard passes is crucial.
  • Standing offers advantages like speed and the ability to switch directions swiftly.
  • Opening the guard while on your feet is often the best approach, especially when facing opponents with long, strong legs.
  • Begin with grips and good posture, as covered in previous lessons.
  • Secure a grip on your opponent's sleeve to ensure stability before standing.
  • Pay attention to your foot placement, ensuring that the leg gripping the sleeve takes the first step.
  • When standing, maintain a straight posture akin to a squat or deadlift position.
  • Avoid leaning forward during the second step, as this makes you vulnerable to being pulled down.
  • Keep your back straight, knees bent, and maintain good posture as you stand up.
  • Use the sleeve grip to your advantage, as it prevents your opponent from easily maintaining their guard.
  • Be prepared for your opponent to attempt a cross grip on your sleeve to set up sweeps.
  • Learn how to break this cross grip by pushing and pulling your arm to maintain control.
  • Once the grip is broken, continue standing and opening the guard.
  • Practice this technique to confidently stand and pass the guard without fear of being swept.

Standing guard passes are essential for anyone looking to add versatility to their guard passing game.

November 02, 2023