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Start Submitting Aggressive Opponents With These Sneaky Surprise Attacks! (Click Here For More)

The Greatest Thing About Submitting People… is well… SUBMITTING PEOPLE!

But the reality is that it’s not always easy to catch tough guys in submissions.

ESPECIALLY when they are aggressive, faster or they have you in a bad position. And when you are going against a guy that is overpowering and beating you over and over again, it can be really FRUSTRATING to say the least.

Don’t you wish you had a sneaky way to turn the tables on tough aggressive guys and deliver them a taste of their own medicine?

Well, with these techniques from  Pan American Champ and Relson Gracie 4th degree Black Belt, Ricardo Migliarese… You can get the weapons you need to put the screws to those tough guys once and for all.

Watch Ricardo’s New Jiu Jitsu Submission Instruction Preview Video “The Houdini Armbar”

Let’s take a quick look at who Ricardo Migliarese is, and how he developed this arsenal of sneaky attacks… Ricardo-Migliarese-Bio-Pic

The reason that Ricardo is called the “Animal” is because of his ability to catch and finish people defies normal human ability.

But he hasn’t always been that way…. At one point he was just a skinny kid growing up on the mean streets of South Philadelphia, and eventually finding his way into Jiu Jitsu from his older brother Phil.. Ricardo had a tough road coming up through the ranks in the early years of Jiu Jitsu in America…

Many big, strong, athletic guys would come to the Jiu Jitsu Academies and challenge instructors to fights trying to prove that they could beat Jiu Jitsu with strength and athleticism… and because of Ricardo being so fearless and relentless and dedicated in his training, the instructors always paired him with the biggest baddest and toughest linebackers to come down the pike looking for something to prove.

Watch this video of Ricardo in a challenge match at the Gracie Academy from 1996:

Through hundreds of matches and years of blood sweat and tears, Ricardo developed a war chest of tricky, sneaky and unlikely ways to catch and finish submissions on aggressive, fast, strong guys.

Over the years Ricardo’s game developed and he worked many tricks and submissions that are outside of the normal way most people go for attacks.

Now Ricardo is pretty much the strongest guy on the mat in any room from his 20 years of training day in and day out, but the cool unique tricky submissions remain, giving him a Jiu Jitsu weapon cache to face any battle. The main Balance Studios academy in Philadelphia is a hot bed of talent and has been established there for over a decade churning out leagues of Jiu Jitsu Champions and MMA fighters. People regularly travel multiple times a week from hours away just to be on the mat and train with Ricardo at this highly regarded Jiu Jitsu Academy.


Now back to you and the opportunity to use some of Ricardo’s attacks to start catching people when they least expect it….

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 7.48.40 AM

These submission techniques are regularly used by Ricardo and his students and if you walked into Team Balance headquarters you would need to attend class for months, maybe even years to get your hands on all the knowledge Ricardo is dropping in this new Jiu Jitsu Submission instructional series being released on August 4th.

Ricardo works with many UFC fighters and Jiu Jitsu competitors and rolls along side the best of them every single day helping them refine their games while dedicating himself 100% to helping his students get better and teaching every day.

Ricardo has finally agreed to share his most effective submissions set up and attacks in a double length Jiu Jitsu Technique instructional series based all around catching and finishing tough opponents when they least expect it.

Team Balance 4th Degree Relson Grace Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Ricardo “The Animal” Migliarese: Jiu Jitsu Submission Instructional Series “When Animals Attack” Available Here

New Jiu Jitsu Technique Video Shows The “Tri” Guillotine a cool variation from the front headlock to catch and finish your opponent from the turtle

This is taught by Ricardo Migliarese one of the head instructors and founders of Team Balance, A Relson Gracie affiliate school headquartered in Philadelphia.

Sometimes the straight armbar is just too hard to finish using the normal methods. This JiuJitsu.com exclusive video from Balance Studios Head Instructor, Relson Gracie Black Belt, Ricardo Migliarese gives you some really cool and unique ways you can finish the armbar when your opponent is defending your attack.

You can train with Ricardo and his band of over 60 Black Belts at Balance Studios in Center City Philadelphia by going to Balancestudios.net

Key Details Of The Technique:

Finish the armbar

  • Look for the space and the gap in your opponents far arm when he is defending
  • Wrap the far arm that your opponent is gripping with and spin around for opposite side armbar
  • Pull your heels towards your butt when controlling the body
  • Point your thumb towards you when going for the armbar
  • Finish with an Americana without giving up your position
  • You can take the back when your opponent thinks he’s escaping

Watch how Ricardo finishes his challenger in under 2 minutes in this 1996 challenge match at Gracie Academy

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