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Kids Jiu Jitsu Gis

Empower your young BJJ athlete with a new jiu jitsu gi that they can feel confident in during training and competition.

We have kids and youth BJJ gis from all of the top jiu jitsu brands on the market. We understand how fast kids grow and how hard they train, which is why we are committed to providing quality kids gis at affordable prices.

All of our kids and youth BJJ gis are backed by our 60 day return policy so you can be sure you get your child a gi that fits right in a style they like!

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  • On sale
    BJJ Religion Genesis Zero Kids Gi

    Available in 3 colors


    You Save 46%

  • On sale
    Fuji All Around Kids BJJ Gi

    Available in 4 colors


    You Save 6%

  • On sale
    Fuji Pink All Around Kids BJJ Gi

    Available in 1 color


    You Save 5%

  • On sale
    Break Point Kids Classic Jiu Jitsu Gi

    Available in 3 colors


    You Save 25%

  • On sale
    Flow Kimonos Kids Gi

    Available in 3 colors


    You Save 11%

  • Fuji Starter Kids BJJ Gi

    Available in 1 color


  • On sale
    Break Point Kids Academy Gi

    Available in 3 colors


    You Save 25%

Kids / Youth Jiu Jitsu Gi FAQ’s

What If My Childs Gi Doesn’t Fit?

We understand that children are always growing, and different brands offer different sizing and naming conventions, often times making ordering a kids BJJ gi very hard.

If you order the wrong size gi for your child and it doesn’t fit, there is no need to worry. As long as you can send it back in new condition with the original packaging, we can exchange it for the proper size.

Even if you know your child’s general gi size, we encourage you to always look at the individual gi sizing chart before placing an order as all gi brands offer different size charts.

Are All Kids Gis Approved For Competition?

If your child is an active jiu jitsu competitor – or plans on competing at tournaments it’s important to make sure you get a competition legal gi. While each organization and tournament will have different rules, as a general rule of thumb white, blue, and black gis are competition legal.

Which Gi Brands Do You Recommend For My Child?

All of the kids jiu jitsu gis that you see on this site have been hand selected and backed by our experienced staff, many of whom have kids that train.

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