NOGI Industries Kolaris Rashguard

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The Kolaris rashguard boasts a fancy name that's inspired by the Latin term Terra Colares which means earth colors. But let's be real, what's the point of being fancy if you can't also be functional?

Featuring a topographic map design with swirling neon blues, purples, and reds against an uncharted black backdrop, this rashguard is reminiscent of all the belt colors and stripes that you'll want to achieve as you level up your skills. It's a tough climb to the top, but the Kolaris rashguard has you covered right from your warm-up shrimp drills.

But like any challenging terrain, you can expect to be tested relentlessly. Just when you've mastered one technique, a tougher one appears. You may have finally cracked the code on opening your opponent's closed guard and landing that coveted side-mount, only to be faced with the trickier and more versatile open guards.

You might think you're ready to tackle open guards, but then your opponent pulls out a Single Leg X and takes control. Suddenly, you're dealing with an array of sweeps and chokes that are both torturous and exhausting. But you're not here to play it safe or take the easy route. You're here to step up and take what's yours, all while looking fancy and being functional, Kolaris-style.