Special Message from Rafael Lovato Jr...

I am super excited to share with you a NEW and SIMPLE highly effective guard grip and submission game that is working WONDERS for me and my students right now.

I just finished filming a full “cross collar killer” instructional and I have a brand new free preview video that breaks down the basic idea behind how and why this works so well...

In these NEW technique videos I show you how and why a simple tweak to my grips from the guard allowed me to SKYROCKET the submissions I catch with very little change to my game and how YOU can start using it.

Top three reasons my new Cross Guard Killer works so well:

  • It allows you to control the power hand and shut down your opponents guard passing
  • This grip sets up your attack the weak side of your opponent skyrocketing submissions
  • It allows you a powerful defense with a built in frame and guard pass protection

Cross Collar Killer Introduction