Jiu Jitsu Shorts

If you’re pacticing jiu jitsu, you need shorts that are durable, flexible, and strong. When cross training or grappling, the shorts you wear will make a difference.

We carry a wide variety of BJJ shorts that are designed specifically for jiu jitsu. They wick moisture to reduce chaffing. They are durable for long hours on the mat. They are flexible so you can grapple, strike, roll, guard, flip, and win.

  • Fuji Inverted Grappling Shorts

  • Fuji “Sakana” Grappling Shorts

  • Manto “Krazy Bee” Shorts

  • Tatami Transitional Vale Tudo Compression Shorts

  • Manto “Authentic” Vale Tudo Shorts

  • Scramble Pacifica Shorts

  • Fuji “Musashi” Shorts

  • Tatami Tri-Chrome Grappling Shorts