Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards

For anyone practicing BJJ, the right rashguard is one of your first must-haves. The rashguard is essential for BJJ as it serves as your base layer when training or competing with a gi. For nogi jiu jitsu and grappling, the rashguard is your first contact with your opponent.

Choosing the right jiu jitsu rashguard will let you train and fight safely and comfortably. Our rashguards are all hand-selected, offering you the best designs and styles from the best brands in the industry. All of our rashguards are constructed with moisture-wicking materials keep you dry for matches and long training sessions.

BJJ Rashguards FAQ’s

Do I Need a Rashguard?

Wearing a rashguard during BJJ can be beneficial for many different reasons, such as; preventing mat burn during no-gi sessions or gi burn while training with the gi, protect you from skin infections, help reduce sweat transfer.

It’s important to know that wearing a rashguard under your gi in certain organizations(such as the IBJJF) is against the rules.

How Should My Rashguard Fit?

This all comes down to personal preference of course, but as a general rule of thumb, your rashguard should should fit snug against your body providing slight compression without being too tight or restrictive. If your rashguard is too loose it may get in the way while rolling.

Do Rashguards Shrink?

Unlike BJJ gis, rashguards generally don’t shrink while drying. But it’s still a good idea to hang dry your rashguard as heated drying can weaken the fabric, collar, and stitching over time. Drying may also wear out any sublimated designs.

Which BJJ Rashguards Brands Are The Best

Like all of the products on JiuJitsu.com, all of the BJJ rashguards that you see on this site have been hand selected from the best brands in the industry.

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