Jiu Jitsu Gear Bags

When you train often, you have to carry a lot gear. You need a jiu jitsu gear bag that fits the way you train and how you live. You need your bag to fit your gi, belt, rashguard, shorts, water, extra clothes, towels, books, and everything else you might need for your day.

We carry a lot of BJJ bags are built to fit and built to last. They are perfect for day-to-day training as well as multi-day competitions.

Leave all your effort on the mat. Take all your stuff with you.

Jiu Jitsu Gear Bag FAQ’s

Will these bags fit my gi and other gear?

Our BJJ drawstring bags are large enough to fit a nicely folded gi, and a few accessories like your wallet, keys, etc. Our jiu jitsu bags and backpacks have a lot more capacity and have room for gis, clothes, shoes, etc.

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