NOGI Industries Blue Lines Rashguard

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When you first saw this rashguard, did it remind you of TRON? Well, that's exactly what NOGI Industries was thinking when they came up with this design. The red sleeve laser digitizes you into a cybernetic world of cool blue lines, creating a sleek and clean style that's reminiscent of Flynn, the computer file on a mission to defeat the Master Control Program planning for global domination.

But whether you're facing opponents in a computer interface or a competitive fight, the path to victory is never straightforward, especially if they have a few tricks up their sleeve. But fortunately, you have some moves of your own. Maybe you fake out your opponent and make them think you're committed to a cross choke. They're so busy defending it that they don't notice you transition your foot with a knee off their belly, hop around to their head, and deadlift them to take their back.

Before your opponent knows it, you've just Ctrl Alt Deleted them with back attacks and terminated them with a strong bow and arrow choke. Congratulations, you've just "de-res'd" your opponent to oblivion. Game over.

This rashguard is not only stylish, but it's also designed for high-performance training and competition. The sleek and form-fitting cut allows you to move freely and confidently on the mat, while the premium materials ensure maximum comfort and durability. So, whether you're battling in a cyber world or the real world, the TRON-inspired rashguard from our collection will have you looking and feeling like a champion.