Master Jiu-Jitsu Expert and Super Global Strategist, Dustin Denes Shows How To Stop Someone’s Heart:


Dustin Denes is black belt 4th degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, master instructor and World Class competitor supreme.

He is accomplished competitor and an excellent example of an old school Jiu Jitsu fighter.

He started Jiu-Jitsu with Marcus and Marcelo Silveira at Carlson Gracie Miami in 1997. In 1999, Dustin traveled Brazil with his friend and mentor Antônio Rodrigo [Minotauro] Nogueira.

He soon after moved to Rio de Janeiro to maximize his progress in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu further under the legendary Carlson Gracie and Ricardo De La Riva.

Dustin spent two years as a brown belt with the Brazilian Top Team, competing against and beating the best in Brazil.

He became the Brazilian Champion in 2000 by defeating and choking Marcelo Garcia in the finals and went on to achieved the rank of Black Belt in the fall of 2001. He then pursued a professional career defending the flag of Jiu Jitsu in the global arena of Mixed Martial Arts.

Dustin believes in sacrifice and that winning is not everything, but the only thing.

His MMA career taught him that the art of fighting is about grit and determination and not about the colour of the belt you wear around your gi.

Using the Triangle Omoplata Submission earned Dustin the nickname “King of The Triangle” and for good reason…

Dustin’s knowledge is battle tested and proven successful against the best.


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November 23, 2015