Rodolfo Vieira was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on December 6th, 1981. Apart from his career as a jiu jitsu athlete Rodolfo is also a successful MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter, currently fighting in the UFC. Rodolfo’s ground game has been praised since he came up in jiu jitsu and he has always stood out for his aggressive grappling style, having earned himself many titles in jiu jitsu, both in the Gi and NoGi. Rodolfo has competed in more than 10 different countries and is known for his dynamic guard game, which he uses to pass his opponents’ guards with great ease. Rodolfo Vieira Rodolfo’s greatest achievement as a jiu jitsu competitor was his win at the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) World Championship in 2013. Rodolfo became one of the only people to have won the ADCC in his first year of competing at it.

Rodolfo Vieira received his a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt in 2005 from Master Julio César Pereira, who has been widely regarded as one of the best heavyweight Gi competitors his generation. After competing for Grappling Fight Team (GFT), he was the first big name to come out of Rio de Janeiro’s academy, placing focus on this team that has since brought forward many more high-end athletes like himself. In November 2015 Rodolfo made an announcement about his move from GFT and joining American Top Team in pursuit of mixed martial arts career with them instead.

This documentary by Jits TV looks at Jiu Jitsu World Champion Rodolfo Vieira and his lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro.

Rodolfo Vieira Documentary – Part 1

Rodolfo Vieira Documentary – Part 2

Rodolfo Vieira Documentary – Part 3

August 20, 2021