Finding the best jiu jitsu gi for your needs can be tough, especially with all of the options on the market. I mean we have lightweight gis, competition gis, all around gis, and gis in every color under the sun! With so many options, how do you find the right one for you?

How to choose a bjj gi

Well, the simple answer is: trial and error. If you're just starting out in Jiu Jitsu you're going to go through a few gis before you find the one(s) you like to train and compete in. 

That's probably not the answer you're looking for, so we'll try and help you out a bit! With over 13 years of experience, I've tried literally hundreds of gis from pretty much every brand you can name. In doing such, I've learned what makes a gi great, and what makes a gi no to great.

We'll cover everything from fabric to fit, so you can make an informed choice and roll in comfort and style.

What Makes a Quality Jiu Jitsu Gi?

There's no single best jiu jitsu gi, as I mentioned above a lot of it is personal preference. But some factors set the good apart from the bad, let's break them down.

Fabric Quality: The Gi's Foundation

Your gi's fabric impacts comfort and durability. Cotton is the go-to choice for jiu jitsu gis because it's breathable, comfy, and softens over time. Cotton is also the only material that the IBJJF deems legal for competition.

While not all cotton is the same, the truth is that nearly all gis - with the exception of just a few brands are made in the same region of Pakistan. Pakistan is known for having high-quality cotton resources.

Look for gis crafted from high-quality, pre-shrunk cotton to avoid excessive shrinkage after washing. In my opinion, some of the best all around gis utilize pearl weave cotton that balances lightness with durability. This is important if you want something that will hold up.

Weave Type: Finding Your Match

A gis weave significantly affects its performance, style, weight, and durability. For awhile there was a big trend with brands trying to create the lightest gi they possibly could, and basically went away from weave patterns and BJJ gis almost turned into Karate style gis. While sure the gis were lightweight, they also compromised durability. This is something the IBJJF recently cracked down on, with the new 2024 ruleset BJJ gis must have a defined weave pattern, or as they call it an "embossed braided fabric".

Many practitioners, myself included, find that pearl weave gis strike the right balance. They provide comfort for long training sessions and the toughness needed for competition. They can handle the wear and tear you'll put them through, and are light enough to make weigh-ins.

Fit and Sizing: Crucial for Comfort and Performance

In my opinion the most important part of a Jiu Jitsu gi is how it fits you. You could have the most lightweight comfortable gi on the market, but if it fits poorly, you're not going to have fun training in it.

Unfortunately, gi sizing can be tricky. Not all brands follow the same size charts or even naming conventions for that matter - so it's very important to double check the size charts before purchasing a brand you haven't tried yet. When unsure, I suggest sizing up - it's simpler to shrink a gi slightly than manage one that's too small. Or email us and we can always provide a recommendation.

A properly sized gi will allow for better movement and prevent your opponent from easily grabbing a hold. The best jiu jitsu gi will have a snug fit without being restrictive. Jacket sleeves should reach your wrists with arms extended, and pants should fall just above your ankles.

Our Favorite All Around BJJ Gis

Let's take a look at a few of our best selling BJJ gis that check all the boxes.

Fuji All Around BJJ Gi

Fuji All Around BJJ Gi

The name says it all! The Fuji All Around gi is our top choice for beginners or those seeking a reliable training gi. Many of our customers choose to ONLY wear this gi. This gi offers impressive quality at an affordable price, making it an excellent value option.

Many students I know have used this gi for years without issue. It's a straightforward option that consistently delivers.

It's very lightweight, in fact it's really not much heavier than Fuji's lightweight BJJ gi. The minimalistic design is an ideal canvas to add your academy patches to.

Gameness Air Pro 3.0 Gi

Gameness Air Pro 3.0 BJJ Gi

Gameness just released their updated Air Pro 3.0 gi that is in compliance with the new IBJJF ruleset. I wore their Air Pro 2.0 for years as my go-to and the 3.0 is even better.

While it's more of a competition gi, it's one of my favorite everyday training gi for just how comfortable and light it is.

With that said, I've yet to wear one out or rip a seam. This truly is one of the best all around gis you can buy today.

Progress Academy Gi

Progress Academy BJJ Gi

The Progress Academy gi is another really versatile gi. This 375GSM pearl weave gi doesn't meet the IBJJF competition requirements(must be 380GSM+) this is a perfect gi for any training rotation.

This gi is lightweight, quick drying, and very comfortable. I have found that the trousers are a bit snug compared to other brands, so if you are one not to skip leg day I would order a size up. Out of all the gis I own, I get complimented on this one the most!

Factors to Consider for Choosing Your Ideal Gi

While the gis mentioned are excellent choices, the best one for you depends on your needs. Consider these factors when deciding.

Your Training Goals

Think about whether you're a casual practitioner or a serious competitor. If you're training casually, a lightweight, comfortable gi is likely your best bet. For competition, you may want something more durable that can withstand intense gripping and pulling. Your training frequency is another important factor to consider.

Having multiple gis can be beneficial - a lighter gi for everyday training and a heavier, competition-grade gi for tournaments and tougher sessions. On the flip side of this, many who compete and cut weight for competition want a lightweight gi to make weigh-ins easier. Make sure you check your academy's rules, as some academies have requirements for what gis you can wear.

Climate and Training Environment

The climate where you train plays a significant role in choosing your gi. A lightweight single weave or pearl weave gi will keep you cool in hot, humid environments. In colder climates, a double weave gi offers extra warmth.

Factor in your gym's temperature as well. Your gi choice should consider whether your academy keeps the AC blasting or feels more like a sauna. Additionally, consider what kind of rash guard you want to wear under your gi.

Budget Considerations

Just like everything, Jiu Jitsu gis come in a variety of price ranges. While the most costly option might seem appealing, it's not always necessary. Some of the best jiu jitsu gis like the ones we mentioned above fall within the mid-range price bracket.

Investing in a quality gi can save you money over time. A well-made gi will outlast a cheaper one that needs frequent replacement - there is a reason that gi on Amazon is as cheap as it is. Consider purchasing your gi from reputable BJJ brands.

Jiu Jitsu Gi Care: Maximizing Lifespan

Proper care is vital for maintaining your gi's quality and longevity. We have an entire guide on how to care for your gi, but here are some essential tips:

  • Wash your gi after every use to prevent bacteria growth and odors.
  • Use cold water and avoid fabric softeners, which can weaken the fibers.
  • Air dry your gi whenever possible; use low heat if using a dryer, otherwise you risk shrinking your gi.
  • Rotate between multiple gis to prolong their lifespan. While I'm embarrassed to say how many gis I own, the standard hobbyist practitioner should own 2-3 gis.
  • Before customizing, check competition rules and with your academy regarding gi color and patches.

These simple care steps will help keep your gi in top condition for longer.


The quest for the best jiu jitsu gi is a personal one. Your perfect gi depends on your body type, training goals, and budget. Remember, the best gi is the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident on the mats.

Whether you choose a lightweight pearl weave or a robust double weave, the most important thing is to train. The best gi won't make you a better grappler—only consistent mat time can. Choose wisely, care for your gi, and keep rolling.

June 24, 2024