Best BJJ Gis For Competition – it's a phrase that resonates with every Jiu Jitsu competitor out there.

The gi you wear can make or break your performance on the mats. You've probably heard the saying: look good, feel good, play good. While that is important, functionality is just as important as style when it comes to selecting the right BJJ gi for competition.

Locating the ultimate gi is a difficult endeavor. There are countless options on the market, each promising to be 'the one' for you.

In reality, however, only a handful of these gis live up to their claims and truly qualify as some of the best BJJ Gis for competition. Let’s dive into what makes them stand out!

Exploring Top BJJ Gis for Competition

The arena of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one where the right gear can significantly enhance your performance. A good BJJ gi, tailored to competition standards and requirements, could be just what you need to gain an edge over your opponents.

1. Gameness Air Pro Gi 2.0

If a lightweight design coupled with durability is what you're after, then look no further than the Gameness Air Pro Gi 2.0. This competition gi stands out in the market today due to its ultra-light construction that makes it challenging for competitors to maintain their grip on you during matches.

This quality gi boasts reinforced seams and high-grade fabric, ensuring longevity even under intense training sessions or competitive bouts - a testament indeed to its durability.

Gameness Air Pro Gi 2.0 Specs

  • Ultra lightweight, yet super durable
  • 300GSM Jacket
  • Ripstop pants
  • Minimalistic Design
  • IBJJF Legal

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2. Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi

A favorite among many within the BJJ community is Fuji's Suparaito BJJ Gi - known for its blend of lightness and sturdiness, providing comfort without compromising on durability.

This IBJJF-approved gi features ripstop pants alongside jackets made from cotton-polyester blends, making it not only sturdy but also comfortable - crucial attributes needed in any good BJJ gi.

Fuji Suparaito Gi Features

  • Extra Lightweight 350g Pearl Weave Gi Jacket
  • Triple Reinforced Rip Stop Pants with Bungee Drawstring
  • Stiff collar with extra rows of stitching
  • Stylish Contrast stitching
  • IBJJF, NABJJF, & UAEJJF Approved

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3. Progress Featherlight Competition Gi

When it comes to lightness that doesn't compromise on durability or comfort, the Progress Featherlight Competition Gi is the go-to choice. It boasts an exceptional light design and premium material selection that ensures both strength and flexibility during competitions.

Featherlight Competition Gi Specs:

  • Under 3lbs
  • 400GSM Pearl Cross-Weave Jacket
  • 8OZ Ripstop Pants
  • High Density Embroideries
  • 100% IBJJF Legal
  • Free Drawstring Carry Bag
  • High Contrast Burnt Orange Detailing

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4. Brazil Combat Xtra-Lite GI

For those who prefer a super-light design to help them stay agile on the mat, Brazil Combat's Xtra-Lite gi is worth considering. It balances its ultra-light specs with tough functionality, making it a strong contender in the range of competition gis.

Brazil Combat Xtra-Lite Gi Specs

  • Weights less than 3lbs
  • 400 GSM lightweight jacket
  • IBJJF Legal
  • Triple reinforced stitching across stress points
  • Rip stop pants
  • Manufactured in Brazil

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5. Fuji Lightweight BJJ Gi

We must not overlook Fuji's Lightweight BJJ gi, which has long been a favorite amongst competitors and practitioners alike. If you are looking for an all around gi that you can train and compete in, the Fuji Lightweight gi is a great choice!

Fuji Lightweight BJJ Gi Specs

  • Lightweight Pearl Weave
  • Lighter than double weave, more durable than single
  • Preshrunk material
  • BJJ cut closer to body
  • Rubberized collar
  • Includes free Fuji patch (not sewn on)
  • Comes with Jacket, Pants (no belt)
  • Great for hot weather training and making weight

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Key Features to Look For in a Competition BJJ Gi

Selecting the right competition gi can greatly influence your performance on the mat. When looking for a competition BJJ gi, there are some important elements to consider.

Imagine stepping onto the mat, ready to compete. You're wearing your gi - but it's not just any gi. It's one from top BJJ gi brands known for their quality and performance-enhancing features.

Serious BJJ competitors shouldn't accept anything but the finest when it comes to selecting a gi for their sport, otherwise known as a 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uniform'. But what makes a high-quality competition-worthy BJJ gi?

Sizing and Fit Matters

In addition to fabric type and weight, fit plays an equally important role in enhancing performance during competitions - a well-fitted gi allows better mobility without giving opponents extra grip opportunities.

  1. Picking the right size according to body types ensures proper length and width that won't restrict movements.
  2. An ill-fitting training session could turn into a lost match due to your pants providing easy grips.

Weighing Up Your Options For Optimal Performance

If you think color BJJ gis are all about personal style preference, think again. Even colors matter as per IBJJF legal guidelines which allow only white, black, and royal blue shades.

Different weights offer different advantages - lightweight gis allow you to make weight more easily, whereas a heavier gi may be more sturdier, thus make it harder for your opponent to establish his grips. It's important to find a good balance of the two depending on your preferences.

Material and Weave Type

The material from which a gi is crafted determines its durability, comfort, and weight. A good BJJ gi should be constructed from high-quality cotton or hemp fabric that is both robust and comfortable against your skin.

Weave type also plays a significant role in determining the strength and weight of your gi. Single weave gis tend to be lighter but less durable than their double weave counterparts - perfect for competitors close to their weight limit category. Conversely, double weave gis offer increased durability at slightly higher weights, making them ideal if you are not too concerned about meeting strict weight limits.

Fitting into IBJJF Standards

Your competition gi must fit within the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) size standards. This means it needs to have a proper fit without being overly loose or tight around various parts such as wrists and ankles, ensuring optimal mobility during matches.

Competition BJJ Gi Colors

In terms of color options available while adhering strictly to most competitions, including those governed by IBJJF rules, only white, black, or blue gis make the cut. So, ensure that any colored BJJ gi falls within these guidelines before purchasing one. However, many local and regional based competitions do not have the same strict color guidelines, you should always check the rules for whichever organization you plan on competing with.

Collar Thickness & Reinforcements

A thick and stiff collar makes it more difficult for opponents to grip, as does reinforced stitching around the openings of the pant legs, sleeves, and knee area.

Understanding Weight Restrictions in Competitions

In the realm of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weight restrictions play a significant role. The IBJJF has established these regulations to ensure a level playing field for all BJJ participants.

This means that if you're competing in a division with an upper threshold of 70 kg, choosing good BJJ gi brands and lightweight gis could be crucial to avoid exceeding this limit.

The Benefits of Lightweight Gis

A lighter-weight gi is often favored when preparing for competitions due to its minimal impact on overall body mass. These types of gis are specifically designed to be lightweight while still prioritizing durability and functionality - essential features that any serious competitor would look for.

Performance Enhancements Through Lighter Gear

Beyond just meeting weight requirements, there's also a performance enhancement at stake. A lighter gi allows competitors to have more mobility during matches, which translates into better speed and efficiency when executing techniques. It's no surprise, then, why many opt for this kind of gear during intense training sessions leading up to big events.


Stepping onto the mat for a tournament is no simple task, making sure you are equipped with the best BJJ gear can be essential.

The gi you choose has to be more than just stylish; it needs to function at its best when you need it most.

From understanding why a quality BJJ Gi matters, exploring top picks like Gameness Air Pro Gi 2.0 or Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi, we've covered ground on what makes for an excellent choice.

At, our mission is not only about selling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear but helping practitioners find their perfect match. The Best BJJ Gis For Competition are waiting for you here. Elevate your performance today with high-quality gis tailored specifically for competitors like yourself. Your journey towards better Jiu Jitsu starts now!

August 08, 2023