Whether you are a Gi or No Gi player, or both, you must understand leg entanglements and submissions. 

The straight ankle lock is legal at most levels of competition in both Gi and No Gi. 

While the traditional entries for the straight ankle lock typically rely on the single-leg X or ashi garame position, BJJ players are continually developing newer variations and entries for attacking legs.

Enter the 50 ZeroIn particular, the 50 Zero position is a leg entanglement variation that is legal in both Gi and No Gi and provides an excellent platform for attacking a variety of leg submissions, including the straight ankle lock. 

In his “Enter the 50 Zero” instructional, BJJ black belt Alberto Crane breaks down the nuances of this position.

In the first video of the “Enter the 50 Zero” series, Alberto Crane discusses the concept of the 50 Zero position and the two basic sweep options to force your opponent into the entanglement.

The 50 Zero Concept

Begin on your back with your opponent’s foot outside your right hip and past your thigh as it would be in traditional single-leg X. Your right leg weaves out and around your opponent’s left leg with your heel anchored against the outside of their hip.

In single-leg X, your left foot would traditionally be woven behind your opponent’s hip between their legs with the foot hidden.

However, unlike single-leg X, in 50 Zero your left foot reaps across your opponent’s left leg.

Your left ankle rests near your opponent’s hip bone on the outside of their hip. Your right foot lies directly beneath your left ankle, which provides a brace and buys you time if your opponent pushes your leg down.

Basic 50 Zero Sweeps

Once you have the 50 Zero established, the next step is sweeping your opponent to set up a straight ankle lock finish.

The specific sweep details depend heavily on what your opponent does with their left leg, which is the leg you are attacking in this example case.

50 Zero Sweep with Opponent’s Leg Straight

If your opponent keeps their leg straight, you need to overhook with your right hand and drive your force towards your opponent’s left side to break them down to the hip.

50 Zero Sweep with Opponent’s Leg Bent

If your opponent bends their leg at the knee and drops their shin to your belly, swim your right arm inside their shin for inside control. From there, use the same force with your legs and hips to drop them to their left hip.

At this point, you are in a great position to attack and finish the straight ankle lock.

50 Zero Sweep Path

  1. Start with your opponent’s left foot outside your hip.
  2. Weave your right leg to the outside of their hip and plant your heel on their hip bone.
  3. Reap your left leg across their left leg and place your left ankle on top of your right foot.
  4. If your opponent keeps their leg straight, overhook their leg with your right hand and sweep them towards their left hip.
  5. If your opponent drops their knee and shin to your belly, swim your right arm underneath their left shin and sweep them to their left hip.

Entries, Troubleshooting, and Submissions

Obviously, this is just a sneak peek into the 50 Zero Position. To truly dominate with this system, you need entries from common guard positions to get your hips positioned properly relative to your opponent’s foot.

Additionally, you need to be able to troubleshoot the common counters and set up your own submission attacks.

The good news is that Alberto Crane covers all these topics and more in his “Enter the 50 Zero” Instructional.

February 15, 2021