Ricardo Migliarese has an arsenal of highly effective submission attacks that he has developed from training against his 60 + Black Belts under him and his brother (Phil Migliarese) and Relson Gracie.

"Houdini" Kimura

The sneaky trapdoor that forces your victim to fall into your Kimura grip. Plus, how to finish the Kimura whether he passes or tries to roll out.

Dump Truck Closed Guard Sweep to Kimura

Us this sweep against opponents who can defeat the Houdini Kimura, sweep him like this and still land the Kimura.

The Corkscrew Armbar

Got a smarter opponent who won't let you land techniques 1 or 2? No sweat. While he's defending, you surprise him with this crazy armbar out of nowhere.

Americana from Double Under Stack Pass

The simple art of illusion... from underneath your opponent, here's how to look like you're panicking seconds before you catch this stealth Americana.

One Arm In Choke from Stack Pass

Just when he thinks he passing your guard, you slip right into this easy Brabo style choke.

"No Arm" Triangle from Double Under Pass

How to use YOUR arm to triangle your opponent when you can't use his. And if he tries to pass, he only tightens the choke. A must-have lethal weapon for your triangle game!

The Anchor Choke

Reverse Triangle from Side Control

Spin Out Reverse Straight Arm Kimura

Greed Kimura Guard Pass Attack

Anchor Pass to Kimura Finish

The Blind Date Armbar

JJ Machado Signature Armbar

Sit Through Pass to Armbar

The Telephone Kneebar