These sweeps and back takes will give you awesome weapons to put your opponent on his back or end up on his back. This course is taught by 4th Degree Jiu Jitsu Black Belt GF Team Instructor Denilson Pimenta.

Spider Guard Step Through Sweep

Use this simple and creative spider guard sweep to get your opponent off balance and confuse him by trapping his leg in your armpit to get the sweep.

Spider Guard Lasso Leg Sweep

This innovative "barrel roll" sweep harnesses your opponent momentum and uses elements of the spider guard and the lasso guard to control and reverse.

Lasso Leg to X Guard Sweep

Combining positions is a great way of ensuring successful techniques. Use the lasso to create an x guard position and grab 2 points for the sweep.

Lasso Defense to Butterfly Guard Flip Sweep

Sometimes when going lasso behind the leg, your opponent will attempt to for butterfly. Denilson shows how to continue your sweep sequence and finish.

Lasso Sweep to Back Take

Here you get a slick transition from lasso behind the leg to take the back. The cool grip variation secures your element of surprise with this sweep.

Crosslegged Rolling Lasso Sweep

This crazy spinning crosslegged lasso sweep is sure to amaze your training partners. It's a simple, but high impact technique with a great flavor.

Lapel Lasso Samurai Sweep

Want to lasso leg with the collar lapel? Denilson shows how to get into this position and also finish with a sweep leading you to victory on the way.

Waiter Sweep from Deep Half Guard

This is Denilson's take on the waiter sweep from the deep half position. Simple and super effective, this moves comes with a nice clean pass to finish.

Back Take from Deep Half Guard

Traditional half guard position with a lapel grip that will get you to the back. Proper hip positioning will give you the baseball bat grip.

Flower Sweep from Closed Guard

This is Denilson's take on the traditional flower sweep from closed guard. His choice in grips give him a really strong control in the position.

Top Deep Half Guard Counter to Back Take

Top deep half is a great position to attack the back from. Once you kill the top leg, and switch your grips, you can fall and take the back.

Rolling Back Take from Turtle

Great technique for a defending opponent when you tried to pass the guard and your opponent turtles.

Double Leg Counter to Jumping Back Take

Great way yo catch your opponent by surprise when he thinks he has the takedown you end up on his back.