This detailed Jiu Jitsu instructional on how to progress position from side control, get to mount, attack for submission on the neck and arm and finish the match is perfect for practitioners of all belt levels.

Smash Mount From Side Control

Basic & powerful! Rafael Lovato Jr. teaches how to capitalize on the undertook & drive to mount, smashing & smothering the person on bottom at the same time.

Underhook Kimura from Side Control

Take advantage of the arm being in a bad position and set up your Kimura attack. Details of trapping the arm help you break their grip and finish.

Kimura to Armbar from Side Control

Excellent transition attack, but you must control the arm properly to ensure you don't lose position. Also learn Lovato's top grip break for armbars.

"Roger Mount"

One of Rafael Lovato Jr's favorite ways to mount! There are great details in here on how to put pressure on the person's hips and shut down their escapes.

Triangle + Armbar Combo Attack

After killing the person's hips you can get into a high side control and set up a beautiful step over triangle position to attack the triangle or arm.

Cross Shoulder Kimura from Side Control

Rafael Lovato Jr's trademark Kimura set up! It is common for the person on bottom to have their forearm across your neck which sets this attack up perfectly.

Step Over Mount from Side Control

Basic but powerful! Check out one of Rafael Lovato Jr's favorite way to mount from the cross shoulder control. Details of perfect hip placement to neutralize escapes.

Step Through Mount from Side Control

Another option from the cross shoulder control. This transition to mount is very sneaky and can catch your opponents by surprise.

How To Set Up The Arm

Use the positional threat to set up your submissions, this is a trademark of Lovato's game where he is always looking to set up the submission.

Lapel Pin Short Choke

Simple and effective, this way to attack the neck is a great option to help you stay offensive and set up the finish from the Knee on Belly position.

Lapel Pin Strategy

Control your opponent and set up the finish or the mount and finish! They decide their fate. Notice important details on how to avoid getting bridged.

Side Control Offense

You can go for the mount with lapel control without worrying if they catch your foot in half guard. Also, submissions threat shuts down their escape.

Tricky Arm Attack Setups

The oldest combo in the book. Check out how the short choke can cause the person to expose their arm and allow to switch the attack.

Killing The Underhook

Defeat one of the most common ways to escape. Use their underhook to your advantage & improve position while countering their escape at the same time.

Monoplata Setup

A beautiful submission. Check out how to catch the monoplata when they over extend with their underhook.

Kimura Combos & Follow Ups

Their are so many options from the Kimura position, here are some of Lovato's favorite ways to combine the arm and neck attacks.

How To Shut Down Side Control Escapes

Be ready for their escape to neutralize their ability to get back to good guard position. This is the final level in developing a killer side control.