Open Guard Tripod Sweep

Discover a way to prevent the pass, sweep and then pass all in one! This simple and easy to catch sweep is a must learn and highly effective Jiu Jitsu weapon.

The Sit Up Sweep (Combo to Tripod!)

What do you do if you miss the Tripod sweep and the opponent steps back? You do the Sit Up Sweep! This move is a great combo with the Tripod sweep.

Pe De Pano Sweep

Another great sweeping option from the sitting up around the leg position. Powerful sweep named after the Black Belt World Champion.

The Single Leg Sweep

When your opponent's sleeves are out of reach, he's still going down because you have these two variations in your back pocket.

De La Riva Sweep - Highly Effective!

The legendary De La Riva sweep. You know its effective if its named after one of the greats.

De La Riva X Sweep - DLR Variation!

If your opponent tries to defend the De La Riva Sweep by dropping his knee. This simple move makes you sweep him in either direction.

"Kick The Leg" Sweep - Easy Counter!

Easy sweep and easy to understand. When the Foot-in-the-Bicep Sweep doesn’t work then you unleash this one as your Plan B.

Lasso Sweep - Standing or From Knees

Rope ‘em, load ‘em and sweep. This set up topples your opponent whether he's standing or on this knees.

The Gordo Half Guard Sweep

You don’t have to be Gordo to pull off this half guard sweep (and easy pass to the safe control of side mount).

Dip Under Sweep - Whizzer Counter

This trick shows you what to do if your opponent stuffs your Gordo sweep with a whizzer. Use his whizzer against him, sweep end up in side control.