Roli Delgado's Straight Ankle Lock Arsenal. The ultimate breakdown for IBJJF-friendly Achilles Tendon Leg and Foot attacks.

Basic Straight Ankle Lock

The ultimate breakdown for IBJJF-friendly Achilles Tendon attacks... lets you submit ankles with minimum movement, maximum torque.

Single Leg X Sweep to Ankle Lock

This set-up fools your opponent into fussing over the sweep. Meanwhile, use this one grip to keep him grounded and secure the ankle tap.

Spider Guard Sweep to Ankle Lock

A low-strength sweep that slaps a bear trap on your opponent's leg forcing him to topple (setting you up to snap his ankle).

Spider Guard Sweep to Ankle Lock Variation

If your opponent is sly enough to prevent your 2-point sweep, catch him off guard with this stealth ankle lock.

Spider Hook Sweep to Ankle Lock

A smooth-as-silk ankle snapper that stops the biggest ankle lock defense dead in its tracks.

Straight Ankle Lock Recounter to Stand Up

Roli's sneaky Ankle Lock Exit Strategy that leaves you towering over your opponent and ready to pass.

Escape The Ankle Lock to S-Mount

A fascinating escape that effortlessly pries open your opponent's legs and puts you on top.

Armbar vs Straight Ankle Lock

If your opponent defends the S-Mount in the previous position, here's how you take his arm as your trophy instead (it's almost too easy).

Ankle Lock vs Ankle Lock (How to Win!)

How win the ankle lock race!.. First, keep your ankle safe with 2 subtle tricks... then put yourself 2 steps ahead of your opponent for a fast finish.

Devastating Calf Slicer

One of the quickest, simplest ways to enter and finish the devastating calf slicer. Brown and Black belts only(IBJJF).

Hip Lock

A basic, yet little-known technique to get a tap or force your pass into side control. An effective, non-fancy way to get exactly what you want. Brown and Black belts only(IBJJF).

Ankle Lock Conclusion

Roli Delgado's final words of wisdom on the ankle lock submission series.