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JiuJitsu.com: Live Private Training Camp with World Champion Rodolfo Vieira In Baltimore Maryland On August 15th, 2015 Was A Huge Success!

Thank you for everyone who came to the Rodolfo Vieira JiuJitsu.com Training Camp Seminar!

We will be posting video of the event soon!

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Imagine being able to stand on the mat and pick the brain of one of the toughest BJJ fighters to ever live…

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Better yet, imagine having this mat monster help tweek and refine the details your game and see the little areas you are making mistakes…

Or even more… Imagine the BOOSTING CONFIDENCE you would have, KNOWING you got your game tuned by a highly secretive Brazilian champion and master in the art of Jiu Jitsu.

Well you might just get that chance if you getting on this special one time Live Training Camp Opportunity with World Champion Rodolfo Vieira…

Right now we have a small number of spots available for serious Jiu Jitsu guys (and gals) to come and train with World Champion and GF Team Brazilian Superstar, Rodolfo Vieira in a personal JiuJitsu.com Live Training Camp…

Rodolfo Vieira’s devastating game was formed in the crucible of the GF Team headquarters deep in Rio De Janeiro and has been refined over years and years of competition and grueling sessions with highly secretive GF Team academy.

And this highly technical and dangerous fighter has conquered virtually all of the biggest tournaments around the globe and submitted and demoralized the best fighters in the World year after year!

Rodolfo’s instructors from GF Team academy are known for their fierce attacking style and they are proud to say that they are from the Oswaldo Fadda Jiu Jitsu lineage that has no GRACIE affiliation.. So they are the lost tribe of Jiu Jitsu, that was swept under the rug by the Gracie marketing machine.

Until now…

It is a little know fact that there was another student of Maeda that was never part of the Gracie family and in Brazil this lineage is thriving under a small handful of instructors, one of them being the GF Team.

Watch This Short Video That Reveals The TRUTH about Jiu Jitsu and Rodolfo’s GF Team Lineage that the Gracie Family does not want you to know!

The GF Team Athlete and World Champion Jiu Jitsu Superstar, Rodolfo Vieira is going to be sharing the secrets to his success in this one time live personalized training camp in Baltimore Maryland on Saturday August 15th and you can be one of the small handful of American’s to get trained under the watchful eye of this highly secretive and powerful instructor.

Right now, we have 20 spots available to train and learn from Rodolfo Vieira in this one time only live seminar and training camp, at this secret location in Baltimore to be revealed only to those that are lucky enough to get access to this special training camp.

There will be a Jiu Jitsu interpreter there to translate every word of Rodolfo’s instruction form his native language of Portuguese as he fine tunes your Jiu Jitsu game and reveals secrets never let out of the GF Team Academy in Brazil.

There will be live rolling, personalized instruction and hours of techniques delivered by the GF Team World Champion Rodolfo Vieira.

We are keeping this very limited to a small number of people to ensure everyone’s ability to learn from Rodolfo and get personalized attention from him while rolling and during his teaching.



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