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How Rafael Lovato Jr Developed Jiu Jitsu in Isolation

Is it possible to become a world class Jiu Jitsu competitor without regular instruction?

Rafael Lovato Jr managed just that and became arguably the greatest American Jiu Jitsu fighter of all time while only seeing his coaches (Saulo and Xande Ribeiro) four or five times a year.

In this video, Rafael Lovato Jr discusses how he managed to develop his Jiu Jitsu in near isolation, the importance of asking questions, using a journal, and setting goals to stay on track of your progress.


The X-Guard is a powerful position that is very popular in Jiu Jitsu today. Many people have trouble getting into the position and knowing what to do from there can be confusing.

This X-Guard is actually very simple if you know the correct entries and control points.

Rafael Lovato Jr. have developed a great system for how to master the X-Guard no matter what your body type, skill level or experience and you can get access to the full instructional here:

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Both Marcelo Garcia and Rafael Lovato are highly accomplished grapplers and world champions.

When they have a friendly training session at Marcelo’s New York Academy you know it’s going to be good to watch.

Check out nearly 20 minutes of footage of them rolling below.

Marcelo Garcia and Rafael Lovato Jr Rolling Part 1

Marcelo Garcia and Rafael Lovato Jr Rolling Part 2

Rafael Lovato JR – We Are Artists

Rafael Lovato Jr. is arguably the most accomplished American grappler. In this short documentary by Stuart Cooper, Lovato shares his thoughts and experiences of training Jiu Jitsu.

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