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The Coolest Omoplata Shoulder Lock Videos You Will Ever See with Josh Griffiths of Clockwork Jiu Jitsu

The term “Omoplata” (pronounced “umo-po-lata”) is the Portuguese word for shoulder blade and in Jiu Jitsu it refers to a really cool submission that puts a ton of pressure on a person’s shoulder using the weight and leverage of the legs pinpointed to their shoulder joint.

When you attack the omoplata correctly, it can be used not only for defensive purposes but also offensive. Whats great about the omoplata is that if you go for the submission and it doesn’t work, you will end up in a better position or even with a sweep.

Omoplata Video Series

Most people are familiar with the omoplata but not the details that take advantage of its full potential. Regardless if you compete or just train jiu jitsu for a hobby, you should definitely add this tool to your game. Who doesn’t like a position that offers endless opportunities?

JiuJitsu.com would like to introduce you to Josh Griffiths. He is a technique wizard on the mat and we just so happened to get our hands on some top secret footage of him breaking down one of his best positions. Not only is Josh a high level black belt under UFC veteran Kenny Florian, he is also a world class instructor. Josh can be found teaching and training every day at his academy, Clockwork Jiu Jitsu in the lower east side of Manhattan in New York City.

(Click here to check out Josh’s Clockwork Jiu Jitsu Academy website)

Attacking with the “Omoplata” Shoulder Lock is a great way to shut down your opponents top game.

Here is the first video of Josh breaking down his favorite way of finishing the omoplata. Controlling the collar and knee positioning here are key!

Omoplata Entry with Unique Gripping Detail

This video is a common entry from open guard into the omoplata. Whats great about this technique, is it applies to when your opponent is standing or on their knees. Pushing with the foot on the shoulder is a great way of creating your angle, just don’t forget to stay heavy with the collar grip!

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Omoplata Entry from the Spider Guard

Here is omoplata entry, this time Josh shows how to do so when playing spider guard. This time Josh shows the sweep and how to sit up and establish side control. If you play spider, omoplatas have to be in your arsenal! It’s all about the angles for this one.

Omoplata Entry With Cool Finishing Options

Shin to shin entry -> Sweep -> Monoplata and Armbar finishing option. Straight technique, no flashy unrealistic stuff here!

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 Omoplata From Standing? No Problem.

Shin to shin entry now when our opponent is standing. Josh talks about finishing the omoplata when your opponent stays standing, collar grip again but now a far hook behind our opponents knee is the detail to focus on. You will either get the tap, or your opponent will roll and then tap!

The Triangle/Omoplata Connection

Last but certainly not least is a break down of the omoplata and triangle relationship. They both go hand in hand and Josh explains why!

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