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Guard Jump Fake Out To Single Leg

Check out this slick Jiu Jitsu takedown from Denilson Pimenta from GF Team. To get the full course from Denilson on his favorite takedowns click here

Denilson Pimenta is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under the famous instructor Julio Cesar, of the Grappling Fight Team (GFTeam) and is regarded as one of the top featherweight competitors of his generation.

Among his many achievements are Masters World Champion, European Champion, and Pan Am Champion. He is also one of the main coaches at GF Team in Rio.

Denilson Pimenta Highlight

Both Rodolfo Vieira and Denilson Pimenta are top tier competitors and members of GF Team in Rio.

Even though there is a significant size difference between the two, this is a fantastic roll full of exciting exchanges.

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