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How to Catch A Surprise Straight Armbar on A Standing Opponent with Tim Carpenter

This drill will help you get better armbar submissions from the Guard.

Sometimes the straight armbar is just too hard to finish using the normal methods. This JiuJitsu.com exclusive video from Balance Studios Head Instructor, Relson Gracie Black Belt, Ricardo Migliarese gives you some really cool and unique ways you can finish the armbar when your opponent is defending your attack.

You can train with Ricardo and his band of over 60 Black Belts at Balance Studios in Center City Philadelphia by going to Balancestudios.net

Key Details Of The Technique:

Finish the armbar

  • Look for the space and the gap in your opponents far arm when he is defending
  • Wrap the far arm that your opponent is gripping with and spin around for opposite side armbar
  • Pull your heels towards your butt when controlling the body
  • Point your thumb towards you when going for the armbar
  • Finish with an Americana without giving up your position
  • You can take the back when your opponent thinks he’s escaping

Watch how Ricardo finishes his challenger in under 2 minutes in this 1996 challenge match at Gracie Academy

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