BJJ Religion Genesis Zero Gi


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The New Genesis Zero gi is a lightweight version of the popular BJJ Religion Genesis Pro Gi. Like the Genesis Pro, the Zero exemplifies BJJ Religion's focus on quality, design and functionality. This gi is great for training and competition, featuring:

    • High Quality Pearl Weave: densely woven 450 gsm Pearl Weave that is a great balance between durability and lightness.
    • Lightweight Rip Stop Pants: the Genesis Zero comes with lightweight pants made with premium rip-stop material, providing a balance of durability and lightness
    • Traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Design: the form fitting and tapered design on the sleeves and jacket skirt of the Genesis Gi gives your opponents less material to grab onto
    • Unibody Construction with Reinforced Paneling: provides extra strength in areas that need reinforcement for greater durability.
    • Extra Firm Collar: constructed with an EVA foam filling that adds thickness and durability, making this collar difficult to grab. It is also more resistant to bacteria and dries faster
  • High Quality Contrast Stitching: unique color combinations of Gray on White, Yellow on Blue, and Green on Black





4'10 - 5'2

90 - 110 lbs


5'2 - 5'5

110 - 140 lbs


5'5 - 5'9

140 - 175 lbs


5'9 - 6'1

170 - 205 lbs


6'0 - 6'4

200 - 205 lbs


6'0 - 6'5

225 - 275 lbs

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