BJJ Religion Genesis Pro Gi


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The Genesis gi exemplifies BJJ Religion's focus on quality, design and functionality. This gi features a Clean and Modern design, with features and function that make it great for everyday training and competition:

    • High Quality Pearl Weave: densely woven 550 gsm Pearl Weave that is a great balance between durability and lightness
    • Traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fit: the form fitting and tapered design on the sleeves and jacket skirt of the Genesis Gi gives your opponents less material to grab onto
    • Unibody Construction with Reinforced Paneling: provides extra strength in areas that need reinforcement for greater durabiliy
    • Extra Firm Collar: constructed with an EVA foam filling that adds thickness and durability, making this collar difficult to grab. It is also more resistant to bacteria and dries faster
    • High Quality Contrast Stitching: unique color combinations of Ice Gray on White, Yellow on Blue, and Olive on Black
    • Woven and Embroidered Patches: on the chest, shoulders, lapel and right leg
    • Durable Canvas Pants: competition-grade and difficult to grab
    • Pearl Weave Gusset and Belt Loops: provides additional strength as well as an appealing material contrast on the Gi Pants
  • Rope and Canvas Drawstrings: each Genesis Gi comes with both types of drawstrings, so you can decide which works best for you.



4'10 - 5'2

90 - 110 lbs


5'2 - 5'5

110 - 140 lbs


5'5 - 5'9

140 - 175 lbs


5'9 - 6'1

170 - 205 lbs


6'0 - 6'4

200 - 205 lbs


6'0 - 6'5

225 - 275 lbs

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