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Mario Sperry Reveals How To Control Your Opponent With This Effective Jiu Jitsu Grip

This technique is applicable for Jiu Jitsu with the Kimono or without and also would be effective on the street or in an MMA fight.

You can use this versatile choke grip to set up a lot of attacks, sweeps and submissions on your opponent. It all starts with a simple hand tweak, head placement, and elbow pinch to wreck havoc on your opponent’s spine.

This choke gives you added power because you it allows you to control your opponent’s head and spine in multiple places, as Sperry illustrates in the video above provided by Groundfighter.com.

“No matter where you are or what you are doing the most important thing is to do the first grip the right way” – Mario Sperry

Technique Breakdown:

#11.The-Wrong-WayPlacing your forearm in front of your opponents neck is the wrong way to establish this grip

JiuJitsuGripsThe way most people is wrong when they are trying to control their opponent.


Here you see the very effective grip Sperry is using to control his opponents head.

#5.Another-Example-Of-Chin-GripHere is the hand grip from another angle – keep four fingers across the cheek of your opponent


Use your other hand to cup the wrist of the hand holding your opponents chin


 Grab your own wrist and bring pressure up while pinching your elbow towards your rib cage


 When you have the grip you should pinch your opponents head towards your ribcage.

Key Details Of The Technique:

– Place your opponents chin in the palm of your hand and keep your thumbs tight to your hand


– Do not bring your forearm across your opponents neck, the idea here is first to control the spine with the chin grip and the elbow to ribcage pinch, then to set up your submission


– While this can be used as a choke, this grip is best used to control your opponent and set up a submission or a sweep

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