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Jiu Jitsu Knee Bar Submission and Cross Knee Guard Pass Technique Breakdown

Attacking with the Knee Bar submission is a great way to catch opponents that are “technically” better then you.

When you attack the knees, people start to get nervous.  If you don’t get the submission you can put them in a compromising situation.

A lot of people don’t train knee bars because they are not legal in IBJJF competition until Brown Belt. But, Jiu Jitsu is about much more then just competition and even at a lower belt or no belt at all, adding this submission to your game will give you a great submission you can pull out when you need it.

The instructor for this is James Puopolo and he has a very high percentage rate of catching knee bar submissions in competition. James’ is also a Lovato Jr Black belt which makes him super legit.

Here is an instructional video with a knee bar entry and finish you can start using today to add this powerful Jiu Jitsu weapon to your arsenal.

Press Play To Watch “Back Step Knee Bar Instructional Video

Key Jiu Jitsu Details of This Knee Bar Technique:

Jiu Jitsu Cup The Knee for Knee Bar

To prevent your opponent from coming up and making a sweep, underhook as you make the back step, and cup your own thigh to secure the position to control the leg better

Knee Bar Defense Variation

When your opponent defends by crossing the feet, pull the top ankle towards you to break the hold before you sit back for the knee bar

Jiu Jitsu Cup The Heel for the Knee bar

Cup the heel, extend your hips and pinch the knees together when going for the knee bar finish to make added pressure and control

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In the video above James also mentions the “cross knee pass” and if you are not familiar with it, you can watch a video of Rafael Lovato Jr breaking down how to establish and execute the Cross Knee Pass.

Press Play Below to Watch “Cross Knee and Headquarters” Jiu Jitsu Instructional Video

Key Jiu Jitsu Detail of The Cross Knee Pass #1.

Jiu Jitsu Cross Knee Pass

After standing make push your opponents leg below your own knee and make a grip on the same side collar

Key Jiu Jitsu Detail of The Cross Knee Pass #2.

Jiu jItsu Cross Knee Pass

Push your opponents other leg through the middle of your legs to control the movement of his body

Key Jiu Jitsu Detail of The Cross Knee Pass #3.

Jiu Jitsu Cross Knee Pass Detail

Connect your hip and point your knee 90 degrees towards the wall when sitting through for the cross knee guard pass.

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