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Make Your Attacks Stronger By Using These Simple Sweeping Positions From The Guard

Sweeps might be the most underrated moves in all of Jiu Jitsu….. Why?

With a simple sweep, you can instantly turn a bad situation in your favor, like this… just when your opponent is about to rip through your guard and move in for a submission, you sweep him and gain dominant control. In seconds – thanks to the sweep – the Guard Recoverysubmission becomes yours for the taking.

Without your own arsenal of effective sweeps, you exhaust your time and energy defending, escaping and surviving.

But just a few killer sweeps easily transform your guard into an OFFENSIVE game that lets YOU dominate and attack.

Bottom line?… Sweeps give you the extra edge you need to control your opponent and finish the fight on your terms.

Check out these new sweeps and passing technique videos from World Champion Rafael Lovato Jr…

But first…

Watch This Awesome highlight where Jiu Jitsu World Champion Rafael Lovato Jr. uses a nasty sweep to arm bar in Brazil just a few weeks ago (June 12th 2015)

The “Tripod” Sweep, SIMPLE and works for everyone.

This is a simple sweep from guard you can use at any level. The “tripod” sweep gives you a nasty weapon you can catch over and over again on a standing opponent: (Get Lovato’s New Sweeps and Passing Series)

See the exact DLR X Sweep that Rafael uses in the highlight video above to set up his passing and armbar(Get Lovato’s New Sweeps and Passing Series)

This is another great guard sweep to use against a standing opponent. This sweep utilizes both legs and traps an opponents arms and legs in a web of control that is hard to beat. (This is the EXACT sweep Rafael catches at 23 seconds in the highlight video above)


Would You Like Learn the Proven Sweeping and Passing Techniques of Rafael Lovato Jr?

You can get Rafael’s new Sweeps and Passing Instructional Series Instant Access and another free move by clicking here



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