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7 minutes into his finals match of the 2013 Brazilian National Jiu Jitsu Championships when things suddenly started to go horribly wrong…


Rafael Lovato Jr. had made a mistake in the match and given the edge to his aggressive and victory hungry  Brazilian opponent….

…Lovato struggled as Ricardo Evangelista, the 235 lb Brazilian monster attempted to rip through his scrambling open guard in the finals match of the 2013 Brazilian National Championships (Brasileiros) Absolute Division.

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As the monster Evangelista pressured forward in his passing attempts with a strong stack pass he forced Lovato to defend the guard pass with every shred of energy he had in his exhausted body.

At that moment, Evangelista sensed he had the advantage and was pressuring down on Lovato with passing attempts that looked like an Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.49.07 AMattacking lion battering a zebra in the final seconds before the kill….

Lovato stayed cool and confident even though it seemed as if the walls were closing in on him and the hulking 235 lb Brazilian Black Belt attacker hungry for blood seemed to be flattening Lovato’s guard like a pancake and eventually forced him to defend into the turtle position.

Watch this Jiu Jitsu technique video where Rafael shows his most effective technique for rolling back into the guard from the turtle position:

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In the midst of all the turmoil, Lovato kept his cool, but was pressured to his knees again. From there Evangelista swiftly went to get the hooks, got one in, and ALMOST secured the second hook. But Lovato stayed calm because knew in his mind he had CONFIDENCE in his ability to Escape even the worst positions.

“If he were to get my back, I knew I would be able to make my way out, and that thought kept me calm and calculated as I patiently waited for the right move.”

And then, Lovato’s moment came. He used the “shaking it off” technique to shake Evangelista off and come up on top in a strong position to pass the guard.   o146j

Watch Rafael break down his “Shaking Them Off” technique, a great way to escape the back when you are in danger of being submitted:

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Then with some of Rafael’s highly technical pressure passing, he ended up in side control submitting Evangelista in the final seconds with a text book Kimura submission.

Jiu Jitsu history was made in that moment.


Rafael became the first American to ever win the Absolute Division of the “Brasileros” securing his place in global Jiu Jitsu history. (Grab Lovato’s Escapes DVD 60% discount with free shipping and free instant access click here now)

Here is a video where Rafael teaches how to secure the Kimura from side control he used to finish the match:

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Here is what Lovato has to say about this epic match and victory:

Rafael-Lovato-Jr. “If it wasn’t for the confidence I had to stay calm and trust myself, I never would have had the chance to win that match. In my younger years of training and competing when I would get my guard passed or get put in a bad position, most of the time, I would get submitted.   No matter how bad it seems, against all odds, you can reach your goals.”

Although victorious in this match, this escape ability came from enduring embarrassing submission defeats throughout his lower belts, Rafael Lovato Jr went on a personal QUEST in his training to develop a highly effective sequence of escapes from the most common bad positions.

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