World champion Caio Terra rose through the ranks of jiu-jitsu at an incredible rate, achieving his black belt in just over three years.

The outspoken rooster-weight champion is known for his incredible technical knowledge and proficiency.

In this interview from BJJ Hacks, Caio gives some invaluable advice on how to become successful in Jiu Jitsu and life.

Caio Terra: The Keys to Success in Jiu-Jitsu

Check out this awesome highlight for Bruno Malfacine training at Alliance, Orlando.

Robson Moura – JiuJitsu Hs No End

In this documentary by Stuart Cooper, Robson Moura talks about his approach to BJJ and what he’s learned through his Jiu Jitsu career.

He also shows us a few techniques that will help improve your Jiu Jitsu and it features footage from his ADCC 2011 Bouts with Jeff Glover and Ryan Hall.

The Benefits of JiuJitsu is a short documentary by film maker Stuart Cooper. This film focuses the benefits you can gain from training BJJ and features Joe Rogan, Rickson Gracie, Dean Lister, Andre Galvao, and many more Jiujitsu athletes.

The Spirit Of Jiu Jitsu is a short documentary by Stuart Cooper.

The film focuses on Nic Gregoriades (a BJJ Black Belt under Roger Gracie) and his philosophies about Jiu Jitsu about how Yoga helped has benefitted his life.

Ever feel old to roll with those young guns in training?

Get some inspiration from this video of 50 year old, 6th degree Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Julio Cesar training with his 20 year old purple belt world champion student.

Check out this inspirational speech from Chris Haueter at the BJJ Globetrotters USA Camp.

Chris received his black belt from Rigan Machado in 1996 and is one of the BJJ Dirty Dozen (first 12 Non-Brazilian recipients of the BJJ black belt).

Chris is best known for his innovative teaching style and conceptual coaching ability and for naming of new positions as the art developed in the mid 90’s. For example he coined the term ‘Combat Base’ as it related to shooting platform.

He is the first American black belt to compete in the Mundials De Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil, and the first American black belt to win a black belt match.

Over the years Chris has won multiple Pan American, and superfight victories. He is also a highly respected JKD practitioner directly trained under Dan Inosanto.

Circuit training is a great way for BJJ athletes to improve their conditioning. But what exercises do you use? How long should your rounds be?

Here is a good example of Jiu Jitsu specific circuits from Chad Wesley Smith of Juggernaut Training Systems.

Smith has helped Jiu Jitsu athletes such as Romulo Barral, Philipe De La Monica, Kayron Gracie and Fabiana Borges get in peak physical condition for competition.

Jiu Jitsu Conditioning Circuit Structure

Rounds 1 to 3: 10 minute round and each exercise is performed for 15 – 30 seconds

1. Band Resisted Sprints
2. Band Resisted Shuffle
3. Clap Push Ups
4. Dumbbell Rows
5. Back Peddles
6. Burpees
7. Kettlebell Swings
8. Dumbell Snatch

Round 4: 10 minute round and each exercise is performed set number of reps with sprints or animal movements in between.
1. Med Ball slams
2. Clap Push Ups
3. Russian Twists
4. Burpees
5. Toe Touches

With all things are equal, strength and conditioning can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. And in many cases strength and size can even overcome a superior skill level.

Do you want to rely on strength and size? Of course not. You want your technique to be perfect and you never have to rely on strength or size.

Having said that, strength makes you more efficient it, it makes you less susceptible to injury, makes your joints more resilient, and it can even improve your cardio.

Your goal should be to be as strong as possible, but use as little strength as possible when training.

So how do you improve you strength and conditioning for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Thankfully it’s not that complicated and you can start making improvements today.

To get you started here is an interview with BJJ Black Belt and Strength and Condition expert, Steve Maxwell.

This interview, Steve discusses all things related to Strength and Conditioning, how to you should train for Jiu Jitsu and combat sports, and contains a lot of actionable information in it.

Interview with Jiu Jitsu Strength & Conditioning Coach – Steve Maxwell Pt 1

Interview with Jiu Jitsu Strength & Conditioning Coach – Steve Maxwell Pt 2

Steve Maxwell has been training for over 50 years. He started BJJ in 1989 and is the first American-born Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Relson Gracie.

He is known as one of the pioneers of Jiu Jitsu in the East Coast of the United States and is considered one of the best strength & conditioning coaches for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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