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The Battle Tested Half Guard by Bernardo Faria

Shut Down The Knee Cut Pass with Jiu Jitsu World Champion Bernardo Faria


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 *NEW* Cross Collar Killer Technique Video #1:  Grip Setup From Guard


 *NEW* Cross Collar Killer Technique Video #2:  Tighten Your Omoplata


Special Message from Rafael Lovato Jr… 

I am super excited to share with you a NEW and SIMPLE highly effective guard grip and submission game that is working WONDERS for me and my students right now.

I just finished filming a full “cross collar killer” instructional and I have a brand new free preview video that breaks down the basic idea behind how and why this works so well…

In these NEW technique videos I show you how and why a simple tweak to my grips from the guard allowed me to SKYROCKET the submissions I catch with very little change to my game and how YOU can start using it.

Top three reasons my new Cross Guard Killer works so well:

#1. It allows you to control the power hand and shut down your opponents guard passing

#2. This grip sets up your attack the weak side of your opponent skyrocketing submissions

#3. It allows you a powerful defense with a built in frame and guard pass protection

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Are you struggling to keep your guard? These seven drills from BJJ Black Belt, Roberto Atalla could be the answer to your problems.

Here are the drills included in this video:

1. Guard Pummeling
2. Guard recovery using Hips
3. Guard recovery from North/South
4. Guard recovery using Shoulders
5. Armbar from guard drill
6. Open guard Triangle drill
7. Open guard Omoplata drill

One fundamental truth about Jiu Jitsu is this…

Guard Recovery

By keeping your opponent behind your guard, you’re something like 90% LESS likely to get submitted.

Become more CONFIDENT in your Jiu Jitsu guard game with these Guard Recovery techniques from World Champion Rafael Lovato Jr.

Having confidence in your guard game can give you the ability to go for more sweeps and submissions in your rolling sessions. As with all Jiu Jitsu there is a huge amount of skill you can develop in your ability to recover the guard when the going gets tough. In these videos, Rafael Lovato Jr breaks down some of his most effective Guard Recovery and Retention strategies and techniques.

Guard Recovery

Guard Recovery Technique #1: How to recover the outside leg when someone is trying to pass your guard.

Outside Leg Recovery – This go-to move protects your most vulnerable targets (your head and hips) while erecting multiple barriers against the pass… Easily shuts down one of the most common guard passes whether your opponent is on his feet or knees  (Get Lovato’s Full Guard Recovery Instructional Series With Free Instant Access)

Guard Recovery Technique #2: How to invert and roll to keep your guard when the going gets tough:

Invert Roll – Your “Plan B” guard recovery if your opponent pins your knees when attempting to pass your guard. This easy to use roll gets you out of a bind where most people just surrender to their opponents attacks. (Get Lovato’s Full Guard Recovery Instructional Series With Free Instant Access)


Guard Recovery Technique #3: How to turtle and defend by sitting back to your guard the right way

Ball Game – How to stay protected and get your guard back even when all hope seems lost. Genius arm positioning that kills aggressive back-takes and side control attempts. Plus 3 end games that bring you back into a safe position (Get Lovato’s Full Guard Recovery Instructional Series With Free Instant Access) It is important that you use and drill these positions so that you can create a more developed ability to recover your guard when someone is really trying to pass. Once you add these weapons to your game you will have more tools to enhance your ability as a Jiu Jitsu fighter.

Watch Guard Recovery in Competition (Rafael using these moves in Curitiba Open Tournament in Brazil)

If you like these positions shown in this post you can get Rafael’s complete Guard Recovery and Retention Program right now by clicking the link below.

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Plenty of BJJ videos teach guard techniques. The Guard Retention Series is different. In this series of 19 BJJ instructional videos, Rafael Lovato Jr. elevates the defensive power of your guard to a whole new level.

How? By exposing his best-kept secrets on how to stop opponents who are in the process of passing your guard.

In this full guard retention video dossier, you’ll discover guard passing defenses, counters and guard recovery techniques, so you can retain the protection of your guard from even the most relentless guard passers you’ll face in training and competition.

  • Shut down the most common passes with surprising ease and simplicity

  • Unleash a chain of defenses against fast, athletic and highly technical guard passers

  • Force your opponent to struggle, strain and even second-guess his or her guard passing abilities

…All without the flexibility required by those fancy inverted guards you see out there. This stuff works with basic movements, efficiency and leverage you can immediately inject into your jiu-jitsu today.

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