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Solo BJJ Drills You Can Do At Home

With the world preparing for a zombie apocalypse in the form of Covid-19, many BJJ gyms around the world have temporarily closed until the situation has calmed down. If your gym remains open, you may not be comfortable rolling in a group setting either.

So can you still get better and continue to train BJJ through solo at-home drills? You sure can! We’ve put together a collection of solo BJJ drills below that you can do at home to help your jiu jitsu stay sharp during these weird times.

8 Solo Warmup Drills with Professor Phillip Wyman

Professor Phillip Wyman, a Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu black belt shows us 8 solo drills that you can do at home.

This short circuit is great for warming up, but also great to keep your jiu jitsu muscle memory in form.

3 BJJ Solo Drills and How To Use Them During a Match or Rolling

One of our favorite Youtubers Nick Albin (Chewjitsu) goes over three BJJ drills that are incredibly helpful for developing a crazy guard passing game. He also goes into explaining the concepts and exactly how they will work in competition or sparing.

Practical BJJ Solo Drills

This is a solid circuit training series for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and No-gi Grappling that goes over a lot of different pass and transition variations, as well as different body mechanic workouts.

Solo BJJ Guard Drills

Eli Knight shows some really cool – and practical solo drills that you can do to build your bottom guard game. Focusing on mobility and fluidity only using a throwing bag or heavy bag.

Kettlebell Workout With Bernando Faria

5X World Champion Bernando Faria and Mike Perry show you a crazy effective kettlebell workout that you can do from your living room. This efficient workout doesn’t requite much space and focuses on building up your speed, strength, grips, and overall conditioning.

Jeff Glover is one Americans top Black Belt Jiu Jitsu competitors. He is know for a creative and entertaining style of Jiu Jitsu among his many accomplishments are a No Gi World title and a Bronze Medal at the ADCC in 2011.

Jeff credits a part of his to stability ball training. This is allows him to practice technique without a partner and develop his balance and coordination.

Here are a three video’s in which Glover demonstrates how to use the stability ball to improve your Jiu Jitsu.

Bottom Game Development

Top Game Development

Stability Ball Exercises

Are you struggling to keep your guard? These seven drills from BJJ Black Belt, Roberto Atalla could be the answer to your problems.

Here are the drills included in this video:

1. Guard Pummeling
2. Guard recovery using Hips
3. Guard recovery from North/South
4. Guard recovery using Shoulders
5. Armbar from guard drill
6. Open guard Triangle drill
7. Open guard Omoplata drill

Jordan Burrough’s one of the best modern wrestlers. Among his many accomplishments are three World Championship Golds and an Olympic Gold Medal.

In this video, Burroughs breaks down his best wrestling entries and finishes. All of these can easily be applied to Gi or No Gi Jiu Jitsu.

A key point to notice as you watch the video is how he maintains his posture and how he moves to a better position as soon as he’s secured the takedown.

Want to improve your wrestling for BJJ?

Choose one of the techniques in this video and drill it for 10 – 15 min before or after every class.

Within a few weeks, you’ll see a big improvement in your wrestling skills.

Happy training!

This drill will help you get better armbar submissions from the Guard.

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